Your first step to Dayanand Inter College

Greetings from Dayanand Inter College. One of the most important decisions a parent makes in their lifetime has to do with their children’s education. These are formative years, and the ways in which they interact with their teachers as well as form friendships will affect their future lives. At The Dayanand Inter College, we maintain a nurturing environment that promotes sharp learning skills and a top-of-the-line curriculum that provides the best in education.

All classes start in April and end in March.

Admissions are open throughout the year, but are dependent on availability. In addition to the Classes X and XII, your child can begin school at any point in the academic year. Since the academic year begins in April, maximum enrollments happen in January and February of the following year. We advise that you plan and complete the admission of your child in advance to avoid the rush period, as the Admissions Team reviews applications for new admissions from January each year.

We encourage you to make an appointment with our Admission Counsellors and visit our campuses in order to take your interest for admission further. During your visit to our campus, our Admission Counsellors will provide you with information about our school, curricular, and extracurricular activities.

In addition, registration forms are available in the school.


Admission process

We at Dayanand Inter College offer a high-quality education in a nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills. We are proud of the quality of our staff and the work they do; we are even more proud of the students with whom we work every day.

In order to ensure a positive experience for all prospective parents, at Dayanand Inter College we have made the admissions process as easy as possible.

Visit the school’s admissions office or complete the online Enquiry Form. If you have any questions, our counsellor will get back to you and collect the necessary information.

Parents are asked to visit the school’s Admission Office, complete the registration form, and purchase the school prospectus. You should carry the child’s passport-sized photo and a self-attested Birth Certificate along with one latest photo. The application form can also be downloaded online by clicking here (provide the link). Please take a printout of the completed form, fill in the details, and submit the hardcopy of the completed form to the school.

The parent must complete the admission form and ensure that all documents are in order. If your child requires special assistance because of any health reasons, please inform the school.

Getting financial aid

Dayanand Inter College, Lucknow proud in helping aspiring candidates through financial aid Scholarship program.

Dayanand Inter College, Lucknow help those students who are financially weak or not able to afford they Education by giving them FREE BOOKS, FREE DRESS, and FREE EDUCATION.